“What’s On In” Master Franchise

Our Master Franchise offers the right entrepreneur something very special.

You have the unique opportunity to create and build your own Master Franchise.

A Master Franchise are 5 or more postcode areas, locations, regions or a USA states of YOUR choice.

We allow you to choose which areas you would like.
Providing you reach 5 or more websites, this will be classed as a Master Franchise.

We operate round the World with our “What’s On In” theme websites. You can set up your “What’s On In
Master Franchise in ANY country you wish. Take a look at the major benefits when taking up a

“What’s On In” Master Franchise

Here are the HUGE benefits when putting together your OWN Master Franchise

11 Up to 80% discount off our normal Franchise rate
11 Monthly management fee as low as £90
11 Interest FREE “pay as you go” finance package, where you can spread the cost of  taking up a Master Franchise up to 12 months. This offers you an excellent cash flow and HUGE ROI
11 Build your OWN “What's On In” Master Franchise using our simply pick & mix locations to suit YOU
11 FULL re-sale rights. You can resale your Master Franchise (or part of it) at a profit, while still retaining ownership
11 FULL sublet rights. You can rent, or hire your Master Franchise (or part of it) at a profit, while still retaining ownership.
11 FULL sub Franchise rights, meaning you can act as a Franchisor and set what prices YOU wish
11 You will have first refusal on NEW locations as we open up new markets

A “What’s On In” Master Franchise offers you 100% flexibility using optional our 50-50 system, and unlimited global expansion opportunities.

I invite you to explore our website and see the HUGE INCOME potential when taking up
“What’s On In” Master Franchise