Master Franchise for Belgium

Master Franchise for Belgium

This page will give you the full details on the Master Franchise for Belgium.

These are the websites that will form the Belgium Master Franchise
EACH website can return you €2,000 to €8,000 Monthly
We can add or reduce the number of City websites for the Belgium Master Franchise
The Master Franchise can be adapted to fit your requirements.

The Master Franchise for Belgium can be changed, added to form the perfect Master Franchise.
These are some of the locations that will be covered:

Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, City Of Brussels, Charleroi, Liege, Schaerbeek, Namur, Mons, Anderlecht, Belgium.


Master Franchise for Belgium

Belgium is one of the TOP European tourist and holiday destinations.

  • Population of Belgium 11.4 Million
  • Tourism of 18.1 Million people yearly
  • Number of businesses 387,891 (source Trading economics)
  • Average spend of a business advertising online is €228 per month
  • The anticipated growth of online advertising over the next 12 months is expected to hit €74 Million

What is the Monthly Income that you would like to make each month? 

You will find this Monthly Sales Revenue Calculator very useful.

  • From the drop down menu click the Income you would like to make each month.
  • This will display on average the number of advertisers you would need each month to hit your Monthly Income.
  • You can also use it to see how quick you can cover your ROI (Return on investment).


The cost for the Master Franchise for Belgium

We wanted to make sure joining the “What’s On In” Franchise was open to everyone.
And we offer you 2 Joining Options.

Option 1

For the “Exclusive” Master Franchise rights for the whole of Belgium, with everything that is listed above, is a one off cost of €3,285

Option 2

Flexible Finance Start Up

We offer you a flexible no interest finance package. NO credit checks are required.

For the “Exclusive” Master Franchise rights for the whole of Belgium with everything that is listed above, you would be able to spread the cost over 9 months, giving you time to build and generate a income.

Month 1 €365 1st payment on joining
Month 2 €365 2nd payment
Month 3 €365 3rd payment
Month 4 €365 4th payment
Month 5 v365 5th payment
Month 6 €365 6th payment
Month 7 €365 7th payment
Month 8 €365 8th payment
Month 9 €365 9th final payment

There is a low monthly management fee, due once the sites are handed to you.

Monthly Management Fee is €90 per website.

This offers you everything you need for the smooth running of your “What’s On InMaster Franchise and will include:

  • 24-7 online support, email, phone
  • We upload all customers data to your "What’s On In" website, ensuring it is correctly loaded
  • All loading of ads within 12hrs
  • Bug and technical issues sorted 24-7 support.
  • Update and enhancements to the websites as needed
  • Access to your own PRIVATE members area, packed with training, tips and advice

This management fee is easily covered from the sales you will generate from the 1000’s of potential advertisers within Belgium.

Scroll back up to the Monthly Sales Revenue Calculator and you will see, that you only need 13 advertisers from the 1000’s of businesses within Belgium, to cover your joining fee, your ROI is excellent.

Next Step

If you would like to discuss with us about acquiring this exclusive Belgium “What’s On In” Master Franchise and would like to be part of our Global brand then please contact us our details are on the contact us tab.

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