How a Master Franchise Works

Here are typical “What’s On In” websites

Whats On In Bath Whats On In Tampa

There are 2 videos that you should watch

The first video will explain how the “What’s On In” Franchise website and concept works.
Covered in the video will be:

  • Advertising spots
  • FREE sales web page
  • Discount structure
  • Customer Order form

  • Map feature
  • Franchisee support and training Members area
  • How it works
  • Your ROI

Forming your OWN Master Franchise

You can choose ANY City, UK postcode, USA State or ANY location around the world to form your “What’s On In” Master Franchise. You will need a minimum of 5 websites of YOUR choice to form your Master Franchise

Please note: In the USA, 1 state will count as a Master Franchise as within each state there will be multiple websites

Your websites can be taken from ANY country, you do NOT have to have all of them from the same country unless you want to.

As an example: you could have Whats On In Paris, WOI Dubai, WOI London, WOI Amsterdam, WOI Glasgow this is 5 websites forming a Master Franchise.

Or 2 Postcode areas from the UK, 2 Cities from France, 1 City from Germany.

You can chose and build your OWN Master Franchise. And the more Cities, UK postcodes or USA states you take, the cheaper your Master Franchise will become and this will greatly increase your ROI.


The 50-50 system is proving very popular

It is a method whereby you have a freelance or self-employed person, who is carrying out the sales
within your “Exclusive” postcode, area or territory. They would be on a 50/50% split on all sales.
This would enable you to still enjoy a huge income while not carrying out sales yourself.
With the massive income potential within your postcode area it offers you the opportunity
to still capitalise on the wide open market.
We can advise you on this method, as there are 100’s of competent sales people
who would jump at a 50/50 sales split.