Master Franchise Scotland

This Master Franchise covers the following Postcode Areas


This page will cover the outline details of the Master Franchise for Scotland.

It will cover the outline rights responsibilities of the Master Franchisee and the Franchisor, albeit not in its totality, this page is to open further discussion on the opportunity to acquire the Master Franchise rights for the aforementioned postcode areas.

“Existing” Scottish postcode franchise fees

As can be seen on any postcode within Scotland there is a franchise fee of £2,950 with a monthly fixed management fee of £147.
There are 16 Postcode Areas within Scotland.
We also offer any potential franchisee a “finance package” to help spread the cost of start should this be required.

Potential ROI for the Master Franchisee for Scotland

Based on the existing franchise model (which can be changed) it would generate
£32,300 if franchisee fees once all franchises are sold
And monthly management income (based on the existing management fee) of
£1,752 monthly.
Naturally this can increase should you wish to change either initially fee or monthly management fee.

What will your Scottish Master Franchisee Area Franchise include?

  • 16 Fully programmed “What’s On In” website www.whatsonin?????
  • Rights to use the “What’s On In” website www.whatsonin?????
    and marketing marks & logos, both for online and off line advertising
  • The rights to set up a Facebook marketing page and also all other social media marketing
  • The ability to add further towns within your post code areas on a drop down menu
  • Each website will be Personalised with each sub franchisee’s contact details
  • Each website will go direct to each sub franchisee’s PayPal account
  • Each website will be Pre-loaded with 200 “potential” customers
  • Each website will have an In-depth Sales Performance back office
  • Up to 5 “What’s On In” email addresses per website
  • Each website will be Pre-loaded with 200 “potential” customers
  • Business Card artwork
  • Google Analytic
  • Private Franchisee members support area for each sub franchisee

Master Franchise Rights & Responsibilities for Scotland

The Master Franchise rights for “What’s On In” within Scotland offers huge opportunities, giving each franchise the opportunity to ride on the back of the “What’s On In” global brand as we roll out our worldwide campaign.
As a Master Franchisee for Scotland you will be able to carry out the following to the system used for each franchisee.

  • Choose to increase or decrease the Initial franchise fee a franchisee will pay
  • Choose to increase or decrease the ongoing monthly management fee
  • Choose to offer the finance package currently available to potential franchisees
  • To be able to change from a monthly management fee to % of sales
  • To change the advertising costs, discount structure if needed to suit local postcode conditions
  • You will be responsible for the recruitment and training of franchisees within the Scottish region

The Franchisors Responsibilities

As the Franchisor we will be responsible for the:

  • Ensuring ALL franchisee websites a running and bug free
  • The training of the Master Franchisee for Scotland or their representative
  • Ensuring that the Master Franchisee for Scotland or their representative are kept fully updated on all updates, improvements to franchisee’s websites to remain competitive
  • We will offer 24hr support of server
  • We will program each franchisee’s website direct to their PayPal account
  • We will offer backup support for each franchise for 2 months, via email and screen share
  • Offer emergency support for each franchisee for 4 months via email and screen share

The Master Franchise Fees for Scotland

The Master Franchise for Scotland will be for 5 years renewable.
During that 5 years the Master Franchisee will be able to sale the rights of the Master Franchise for Scotland
The Master Franchise Fee for Scotland is a one off fee of £14,900
50% £7,450 on signing of the Master Franchise agreement
50% £7,45090 days after the signing of the Master Franchise agreement.

Monthly Management Franchise Fees for Scotland

Month 1 – £250
Month 2 – £300
Month 3 – £400
Month 4 (onwards) – £600

This monthly management fee covers server updates, software maintenance, 24hr server support, website support covering all websites, bug fixing, group SEO, changes in the system to allow the website to evolve, develop and to remain competitive.

You will find this monthly sales revenue calculator very useful.


Next Step

If you would like to discuss with us about acquiring this exclusive Master Franchise Scotland and would like to be part
of our Global brand, then please contact us. Our details are on the contact us tab.

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